Engineering God in the scientific image

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From both sides of the debate God of the Gaps is used as a disparaging critique of an argument. The non-theist often considers the accusation sufficient to refute the argument. The theist is keen to assure us their arguments aren’t God of the Gaps.

Which means everyone agrees to be…

The Authentic Eclectic

The philosophical zombie apocalypse

Mystical looking face of a woman blue and glowing with lighter glowing lines on a black background prudence louise Medium
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In 1994 the philosopher David Chalmers raised questions about consciousness which ignited a zombie apocalypse.

These weren’t questions no one had asked before. These were questions that rattled the established orthodoxy. They challenged the complacent modern assumption that science had settled all such questions.

Many people assume it’s no longer…

Prudence Louise

Writing about things that interest me. Which means I’m probably writing about philosophy, religion or spirituality.

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