The Vedic teaching of dharma

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Dharma is a Sanskrit word which means to support and preserve. It’s the essential quality on which something rests, that quality which makes it the type of thing it is. The dharma of something defines its intrinsic nature.

Dharma can be understood in many contexts. In the broadest sense of…

Let’s put the idea on trial

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It’s become fashionable to say atheism has no burden of proof. It’s said atheism is the default assumption and the onus is on the theist to prove, not on the atheist to disprove.

While this idea has the superficial gloss of rationality, under a critical cross-examination it falls apart. …

Introduction to Vedanta

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Vedanta has been called the science of spirituality. It’s one of the six schools of Indian philosophy and takes its inspiration from the literature of the Upanishads. Upanishad means to sit nearby. It suggests the texts contain the secret knowledge of the sages. …

No, it doesn’t say atheists are immoral

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There is a harmful confusion perpetuated by some theists about the moral integrity of atheists and non-believers. It suggests they have no foundation for morality, or worse, they are personally immoral because they lack religious beliefs.

These stereotypes and prejudices are a type of religious discrimination. …

The cosmological argument for God

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The cosmological argument is a formidable argument for the existence of God. It’s not a single argument but a family of arguments with a similar theme. While there are several different versions of the argument, it’s unfortunately one of the most misunderstood.

This is a vast topic, but in this…


The search for the foundation of ethics

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Everyone wants to live a good life, but what does that mean? Generally we picture a life with enough money to make us independent, time to pursue activities we enjoy, and opportunity for sensual pleasures.

But can you live a good life even if you don’t have the opportunity for…

Exposing the skeptics linguistic sleight of hand

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You can’t travel far on the internet without hearing someone chanting the mantra: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. It’s often assumed that merely reciting the incantation is sufficient to reject any idea its power is aimed at.

The saying was popularized in Carl Sagan’s 1979 book Broca’s Brain in reference…

Here’s the Hindu answer

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The spiritual is the immaterial or non-physical aspect of humans. Take a moment to think about how unusual that definition is. Spirit is defined as what it’s not. Not physical, not material.

But telling us what it isn’t, doesn’t tell us what it is.

Spirit also means the essence of…

How to expose your brains cheating ways

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If you don’t believe your brain is cheating on you, that could be a cognitive bias at work. There are close to 200 cognitive biases recognized by psychology and the list is growing.

What is a cognitive bias?

A cognitive bias is a subconscious mistake in thinking. They’re automatic brain processes that allow you to…

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